Asa Made Motto / Asa Made, Motto / Asamade Motto / More until Morning / Until Moring, More / 恋人们的早餐 / 朝まで、もっと。 / 戀人們的早餐
Rank: 10331st, it has 112 monthly / 7324 total views.
Authors: Yumachi shin
Genres: Manga / Shoujo / Romance / Smut
Status: Ongoing
“Let’s be lovers when we are grown up”,… It was a promise between Mitsuru, a boy next door, and me. One day, Mitsuru transfers to my high school! He has a twin brother, Ryo. But then Ryo kisses me unexpectedly…?!

Mitsuru is gentle and kind, and he’s deeply in love with Aoi. Ryo, Mitsuru’s twin brother, is stoic and brutish and loves to tease and torment Aoi. The choice should be clear, so why does Aoi find herself so much more attracted to Ryo…?!