Tiger and Bunny / Tiger &amp / Bunny the Comic / TIGER&amp / BUNNY THE COMIC / Tiger &amp / Bunny (UEDA Hiroshi)
Rank: 43972nd, it has 16 monthly / 1394 total views.
Genres: Manga / Seinen / Action / Comedy / Sci fi / Supernatural
Status: Ongoing
The Metropolis Sternbild is protected by people with special abilities, the NEXT. Most of them work as the defenders of peace known as heroes, commercialized crime fighters who are promoted and rated by the media.
Among them are veteran hero Kaburagi T. Kotetsu, called Wild Tiger, and rookie Barnaby J. Brooks who's been nicknamed Bunny by his partner, much to the latter's chagrin. The unlikely pair clashes like fire and water: the nonchalant loner Tiger only wants to act as an ally of justice and skips media events as much as he can, while the straitlaced Barnaby has a more modern approach towards his job and enjoys the attention he gets as a public figure.
When a former hero known as Lunatic starts to wreck havoc and kills criminals instead of arresting them, these two have to reconcile their differences in order to fight their mysterious opponent.

Chapters (32)

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