Rank: 443rd, it has 14768 monthly / 52399 total views.
Authors: Team manna / Team manna
Genres: Manhwa / Shounen ai / Yaoi / Romance
Status: Ongoing
"A spell to change the genre of your life!” Yeah, that’d be nice. So far, Juwon’s existence has been pretty ordinary: a boring daily routine with zero romance to speak of. Then one day, he sees a movie where the main character’s life suddenly turns into a rom-com. Things have been weird ever since. Surely it can’t be down to the movie, but… guys just won’t leave him alone! His childhood friend, the cute barista from the coffee shop, his mean classmate, AND his first love?! Four hotties, all at once! Now Juwon stands at a crossroads. Which way will he turn? A new series from the creator of “Can't Take My Eyes Off You!"

Chapters (47)

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